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Article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter “LSSI-CE”) states that: 1. Service providers may use devices for the storage and recovery of data on recipients’ terminal equipment, provided they have given their consent after being provided clear and comprehensive information on their use, particularly the purposes of data processing, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data. Where technically possible and effective to do so, users can consent to the processing of their data by using the appropriate parameters on their browser or other applications, provided that they are able to configure the settings upon installation or update with a specific action to that effect. This shall not prevent potential storage or access that is technical in nature for the sole purpose of transmitting a message over an electronic communications network or, to the extent strictly required, to provide an information society service expressly requested by the recipient. According to the “Guide on the Use of Cookies” published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (hereinafter “AEPD”) in 2013, the LSSI-CE applies to any type of file or device downloaded to a user’s terminal equipment for the purpose of storing data that may be updated or recovered by the organisation responsible for its installation. A cookie is one such widely used device and we will henceforth refer to it generically as a cookie. Cookies used for any of the following purposes are exempt from the obligations set forth in Article 22.2 of the LSSI-CE: • Only allowing communication between the user's computer and the network • Strictly providing a service expressly requested by the user

Cookies are small files installed in your devices, which allow to recognize you among other users improving your visit experience.


Technical cookies: These cookies allow the user to browse the website, platform or application and use the different options or services that it provides, such as controlling data traffic and communication, session identification, accessing restricted access sections, saving elements that make up an order, completing the order process, processing sign up requests or event participation, using security elements during browsing, storing content to broadcast videos or audio, or sharing content via social networks.

Analytical cookies: These cookies allow the person responsible for them to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the users of the websites to which they are linked. The information collected through this type of cookie is used to measure the activity on the websites, applications or platforms and to create browsing profiles of the users of such websites, applications and platforms, for the purpose of making improvements based on analysis of the usage data of the users of the service.

Social Cookies: They are necessary for external social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). Its function is to control the interaction with social widgets within the website.

Geolocation Cookies: They allow us to know where the user is and so we can offer the appropriate information according to the city or country in which the user is. This cookie is anonymous.

Personalisation cookies: These cookies let the user access the service with some general predefined features in terms of a series of criteria on their terminal, such as language, browser used to access the service, regional settings from where they are accessing the service, etc.

Advertising cookies: These cookies make it possible to manage—in the most effective way possible—the advertising spaces that the publisher has included on a website, application or platform where requested services are provided in accordance with criteria such as published content or frequency of the adverts displayed.

Behavioural advertising cookies: These cookies make it possible to manage—in the most effective way possible—the advertising spaces that the publisher has included on a website, application or platform where requested services are provided. These cookies store users’ behavioural data, obtained by continually observing their browser habits, which makes it possible to generate a specific profile so that advertising can be displayed in accordance with it.

Security : These cookies identify users to prevent fraudulent use of credentials and protect user data against unauthorized third parties.

Depending on their duration, cookies can be:

Session: These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user visits a website. When the session ends, they are not stored on the user's device.

Persistent: These cookies remain installed on the user's device and the information provided can be processed when the user leaves the website and when they reconnect again. These cookies can be deleted at any time by the user.

Depending on the entity that manages them:

Fist Party Cookies:These cookies are sent to the user's device from the computer system owned by the website owner, from where the request was made, provided the service or made a purchase.

Third Party Cookies:These cookies are sent to the user's device from a domain or a computer system that is not owned by the owner of the website, but by another third party authorized or contracted by the owner of the website, from where the request has been made, the service has been provided or a purchase has been made.

We recommend checking our cookie policy each time you access our website to learn about any changes made on our cookies. Cookie Owner Useful life Purpose _gat Google Analytics 1 minute It is used to limit the maximum number of requests. _ga Google Analytics 2 years It is used to distinguish users _gid Google Analytics 24 hours It is used to distinguish users

Cookie Propietario Duración Finalidad
_gat Google Analytics 1 minuto Se usa para limitar el límite de solicitudes.
_ga Google Analytics 2 años Se utiliza para distinguir a los usuarios
_gid Google Analytics 24 horas Se utiliza para distinguir a los usuarios

What happens if you disable cookies?

It is very likely that some functions of our website do not work or work incorrectly.

To disable cookies from the most popular browsers, you can visit these sites listed below:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

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The same goes for third-party Google AdWords cookies.

If you use other browsers we recommend you to consult their policy of use and management of cookies.

Moreover, the tool www.youronlinechoices.com can be very useful to manage cookies.

The information obtained through the cookies installed on your computer will be used for the following purpose: to ensure the quality, security and improvement of the services offered.
The recipients of the information obtained through the cookies installed on your computer will be the following organisations:
Our organisation is the publisher of the website and the controller.
Our Google Inc. (Google Analytics)

Your consent to the installation of cookies is given by ticking the "ACCEPT" box included in our pop-up window and further information about cookies is provided in this Cookies Policy.

Although agreeing to install cookies on your computer is up to you, not enabling them could limit the website’s functionality or prevent it from working properly, making it impossible for our organisation to provide services through it.

We will protect your data using effective security measures according to the risks involved in using your information.
To this end, our organisation has approved a Data Protection Policy and controls and audits are carried out on an annual basis to verify that your personal data is secure at all times.


Our data protection consultant is BUSINESS ADAPTER You can send all your complaints, queries and suggestions on the use of your personal data to:

Telephone number: o 96 131 88 04

E-mail address info@businessadapter.es

Website https://www.businessadapter.es/

If you believe that your rights have been disregarded by our organisation, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency using one of the means below:

o Website: www.agpd.es

o Mailing address:

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos
C/ Jorge Juan, 6

o By telephone

Telf. 901 100 099

Telf. 91 266 35 17

There is no cost to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the services of a lawyer or court representative will not be necessary.